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There are a tremendous amount of information available on the internet about cruising. Some sources, though, are largely driven my behemoth message boards where one receives conflicting information. For example, in research a cruise I will be going on soon, I found that while half the cruisers hated the new dining options and food quality on the ship I’ll be sailing on, the other half raved about them. And while things like food preferences are highly subjective, it’s hard to analyze the merits of these criticisms or praise when you don’t know the person behind each post, which is why I’ve come to enjoy cruise podcasts.

Cruise podcasts help not only pass the time on a long commute, but they also provide me with reliable information that I can come to depend on as the same travel blogger is behind each episode. And while they may include guests from time to time, you come to understand their perspectives and how they relate to your own interests, much like the relationship you may have with a movie critic. Some delve deeply into single cruise lines, why others are much more general and provide information across the cruise industry.

Below I provide my favorite podcasts and the podcasts that I have listened to beginning with their respective first episodes. I’ve also had the pleasure of being on each of these podcasts at least once, and many several times.

Cruise Radio (

At 437 episodes and counting, this may be the most prolific podcast on cruising. Hosted by Doug Parker, the show provides an overview of the latest cruise news and reviews from listeners. I’m a huge fan of Cruise Radio as it provides a lot of information that is immediately useful to cruisers including information on current promotions the cruise lines might be offering.

Here are a few episodes where I’ve reviewed some of my various cruises:

Royal Caribbean Blog (

Royal Caribbean Blog is the place for all things Royal Caribbean.  Matt Hochberg provides an endless amount of information regarding Royal Caribbean and provides a weekly podcast on the very same subject. The RCLBlog also has a very active and friendly message board where I (DocLC) serve as one of the moderators and post frequently. Matt also answers questions at the end of most episodes, so this is yet another way to get your questions answered if they aren’t answered on his message boards, daily blog posts, or on his Twitter feed (@theRCLblog). And if the weekly podcasts aren’t enough, he does a live broadcast daily on Periscope and/or Facebook Live.

Here are some of the episodes I’ve appeared on:

The Cruise Dudes (

Tommy Allison and Scott Andrews are brother-in-laws with a extreme love of cruising. Their show can be best summed up as a variety show of cruise-related topics ranging from cruise reviews, the latest news, as well as tips for cruise travelers. They enjoy what they’re doing and talking about, which is infectious.

Here is the episode I appeared on:

There are many other non cruise-related podcasts that I listen to also, and I will post some of those in future blog posts.

If there’s a cruise-related podcast that you believe I should check out, email me at or tweet me @mycruisecourse.

Edited 06/28/2017 to correct hyperlinks for the Brilliance of the Seas Listener Review