Transferring to a Southampton Cruise

For North Americans, cruising from London is very adventageous as London Heathrow can be over of the cheapest airports in Europe to fly into. Equally important, cruises from the United Kingdom offer itineraries to the British Isles, Norway and Iceland, the Baltics, and the Mediterranean. The downside, however, is that the main cruise port, Southampton, is very far from both London Heathrow and London proper. 

According to Princess Cruises, a cab runs approximately £135 (about $173 based on the conversion rate at the time this sticker was written). Other alternatives include regular scheduled bus service via National Express, roughly £20 per adult) or private transfers. While National Express can be economical, the fixed schedule of the busses means that you’ll likely be waiting awhile at the airport and they take longer than the other two methods. 

In reality, the private transfers are the most convenient and can be economical with enough people. On our previous sailing from the UK and the one we’re emailing on tomorrow, we were able to arrange a shared transfer with another group. While still more expensive than National Express, the convenience is worth the additional costs and much more reasonable when you’re sharing the cost across six to eight people. Often times, sights like Cruise Critic and their Roll Call forums can help you meet others who our on your sailing and willing to split the cost.
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