Embarking in Southampton

Despite its distance from the main international airport and Central London, Southampton is one of the nicest ports to embark from particularly if you arrive to the town a day or two early. While we only have an evening in Southampton, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there as there was plenty to see, a variety of shopping opportunities, and plenty of eateries all within walking distance. Further, the town has retained dinner if it’s history by preserving ruins of churches bombed during World War II as well as the old walls and gateways that protected the city. It’s definitely worth an afternoon or evening to wonder around. 

Southampton also benefits from a number of affordable priced hotels, often significantly cheaper than London Heathrow or Central London hotels. Thus, if you don’t plan on touring precruise, it may be in your interest to head directly to Southampton upon landing. Be away, though, that transportation costs can be quite high unless you connect via Central London to the train or take the National Express coach (bus) directly from the airport. 

As for embarking, we’ve never experienced a more expeditious embarkation experience. While there was a brief wait to board the ship as we arrived at the prime check-in time, our curb to stateroom door time was under 45 minutes. In addition, or luggage beat us aboard the ship and was waiting for us you arrival, a first in my 26 cruises, which speaks highly of both the Southampton steavadors and the crew of the Caribbean Princess. 
Please note that this blog post was written on a mobile phone, so I apologize for any typographical or grammatical errors that may appear in the above post.