Review: Planks BBQ aboard the Caribbean Princess

Planks BBQ is one of the new specialty restaurants added to the Caribbean Princess during this year’s dry dock. Essentially, Princess Cruises created two new dining venues out of what was previously known as Cafe Caribe–the rear part of the buffet which was utilized during the busier breakfast and lunch times, but dark during the less busy dinner times. Rather than letting that space go unused, Princess decided to theme each side of the buffet to create two new specialty dining venues, yet by day the still provide the much needed additional buffet space to accommodate the crowds.

Planks BBQ aboard the Caribbean Princess is a bargain at $12 per adult and $6 per child. The meal starts even before you order with Chipotle BBQ Meatballs and Honey Baked and Bacon-Cheddar Cornbreads. Alongside are Jalapeno-Honey Butter and Creamy Pimento Cheese.


Sufficiently teased by these pre-starters as you review the menu, you have the choice of either the Loaded Dory Wedge Salad, described as iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, roasted corn, black been salsa, and cornbread croutons with a bacon ranch dressing, or the Baked Potato Chowder, which has chopped bbq beef, pork and burnt ends, cheddar cheese, and chives.

For the main course–the so called planks–each person gets a choice of four meats. That’s four meats per person, not per table. You choices include pulled pork, chili-spiced tri-tip, smoked kielbasa, spiced chicken drumsticks, hard cider bbq pork ribs, and/or the chipotle bbq meatballs that started the meal. At our table, which was comprised of two adults and one child, we ended up sampling all of the meats and I would say they were all exceptional. My wife’s only complaint was that some of the meats were a little to charred for her liking, so if you don’t like a fine sear to your meat when it’s finished off on the grill, let your server know so that he or she can accommodate your desires. In addition to the meats, you also receive seasoned wedge-cut fries, a 3-bean salad, slaw, toast, and dill pickles along with their signature sauces.


Dinner also includes your choice between banana pudding and or yummy looking chocolate cake. Unfortunately, we were too full to try either. However, for $12 per adult, we found this to be an excellent value, and when paired with their other new specialty restaurant, Steamers, both provide an excellent value for the amount you would spend at either of the other two specialty restaurants–Crown Grille and Sabatini’s–onboard.

To view the menu from Planks BBQ, go here.

To see Princess Cruise’s description of the restaurant, go here.



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